SCI Superstar: Tomas Young

When 9/11 occurred, Tomas Young knew exactly what he wanted to do – he wanted to serve the United States in the war on terror. He enlisted days after the bombings, leaving his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and was sent to Afghanistan. Now a quadriplegic and anti-war activist, discover a man who’s passion for his beliefs will never waver.

As a young 24 year old, Tomas was rearing to go – he wanted to help defeat the Taliban. President Bush’s speech at Ground Zero had fired him up. But after only days of arriving, he was hit by a sniper, becoming a C5-6 quadriplegic as a result.

And as you can imagine, the transformation a young hopeful soldier into a quadriplegic (with a much broader life perspective) can completely change you, and this is exactly what happened to Tomas. Read this entry