SCI Superstar: Tresa Honaker

Teresa “Tresa” Honaker, of Grass Valley, California may have only been paralyzed for 2 1/2 years, but she’s already made history as the first wheelchair aerialist. A lifelong dancer and gymnast who became passionate about aerial performing later in life, she founded the aerial group Air Aligned in 2002 to foster her new love.

An injury however two years ago while doing the very thing she loves the most – experimental aerial work on silk ropes – injured her, taking away her ability to use her legs and forever changing the way she does aerial work (keyword “changing,” and not taking away).

Tresa’s now back at it, and she’s learning how to do what she loves in a brand new way. Read on to see how Tresa is balancing her new life with her life’s passion. Read this entry