SCI Superstar: “Hollywood Quad” Jim Troesh

Born with a truly wicked sense of humor, Jim Troesh was one of the funniest quadriplegics alive, if self-deprecating humor is your thing. Known as the “Hollywood Quad,” Jim was a C3-4 quad and is a legend till this day in Hollywood for being the first at many things in the entertainment industry as a quadriplegic.

The first quad to be a SAG member, the first quad to join the actors union and the only quad to star in a network television program in the 1980s, Jim Troesh is deserving of a Hollywood star himself. He was also an improv humorist, screenwriter, disability advocate, adventurist and a great friend to many, including several celebrities.

Read on to learn everything about Jim Troesh. He may no longer be with us physically, but what he’s left behind – leaving the door open to others in wheelchairs wanting to get into the entertainment industry – is his true legacy. Read this entry