Getting hitched (on wheels)

Wheelchair-users get married everyday (despite most able-bodied people being shocked).

No, we are not damaged goods; we are some of the most precious cargo around. What’s important is the love that’s shared between two people, not the car you drive.

These two wheelchair wedding videos – one giving advice on planning a wedding if you use a wheelchair, the other showing the coolest first dance I’ve ever seen a wheelchair-user do – prove just how awesome our weddings can still be.

And what I love about these videos is that they’re not about a bride or groom walking down the aisle, the media‘s favorite subject of late (we get it already; people feel cooler when they walk!).

The second video is titled, “A Perfect Wedding Dance – Bride in a Wheelchair” (courtesy of “Shake It” by Metromix) and it shows the coolest first dance I never seen a wheelchair-user do.

The bride Angie is a paraplegic and she hired a choreography company (that specializes in first dances) to create the first dance for herself and able-bodied groom.

From start to finish, the routine is flawless.  It’s an up-tempo song (hip-hop) and she even throws a cute kick in there at the end. You gotta watch it. Read this entry

11/19/2010: “Say Yes to the Dress” features gorgeous wheelchair bride

For my entry on the Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta episode on Lauren Garcia that aired 3/2/12 click here

Amazing $4,000 (and over) wedding gowns are standard fare on Say Yes to the Dress, the hugely popular wedding dress shopping reality show. And Kelley Brooks, a gorgeous paraplegic from Tennessee, was the first wheelchair-using bride to be featured on the show.