Wheelchair Maneuvering in a Crowd

rock concert

Wheelchairs may be incredibly handy devices, but in one area they completely fail is getting through crowds. Wheelchairs are low to the ground and square, meaning they’re terribly difficult to get through crowds full of tall upright beings.

The main reason being is well, people rarely look down and notice us. It’s a terrible state of affairs, and you don’t have to be in a wheelchair long to experience this. Just spend 5 minutes in an area thick with humans and you’ll see just how invisible we are (to some).

Unfortunately…this means anywhere that’s crowded – concerts, festivals, work events, school events – we have a tough go at it. But there’s good news. We can learn how to get through a crowd without being frazzled.

To become a connoisseur of crowds on wheels, check out our three videos. Read this entry