Must-See Wheelchair Winter Coat Sale

IZ Adaptive, one of my favorite adaptive clothing designers, is having an awesome sale on winter coats for wheelchair-users.  And being that fall just started, it’s the perfect time to buy an amazing winter coat that will keep you toasty warm and last you for years to come.

IZ is offering 25% off any coat or jacket ordered before October 7th.  That is one awesome deal too, considering how beautiful these coats are.  And they sell them for both men and women and in a variety of styles.

Swing coats, capes with with a standalone collar and a faux leather belt, beautiful full length wool coats (with higher backs so they don’t go under your butt), her awesome trench coat, men’s wool blend bomber jackets and a very cool men’s winter cape, the adapted POS you’ll find at IZ Adaptive are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

I have two of her amazing jackets, one of which is the modified trench coat for a wheelchair-user, and I must say it’s one of the most beautiful jackets I’ve never owned, and boy is it flattering.

Check out her site: IZ Adaptive

* When ordering, make sure to enter promo code coats25off at checkout.