Why Do I Have This Incessant Desire to Ride In a Sidecar?

I’ve had this reoccurring obsession with sidecars over the past year. There’s no explanation for it really. It kind of just came out of no where. But, if I had to pin-point its beginnings, I’d have to say it was when I saw this uber cute semi-elderly couple tooling down Washington Ave. in a vintage motorcycle/sidecar “extravaganza” one day. I was giddy at the sight! Why? Because it dawned on me that I, despite my disability, could be that passenger in the sidecar. Riding in a sidecar was still an option for me; an option I’d never even considered up until that point.

Blame it on the fact I was born in 1979; a long ass time since sidecars were popular, or whatever you want, but I was (and still partially am) oblivious to how sidecars work. All I think is that they’re adorably cute and I want to ride in one. Is that too much to ask? You don’t really see a lot of sidecars on the roads these days, and you therefore don’t run into a lot of owners either; so the knowledge-base to learn about them is hard to find. I’m thinking I’m going to start researching it online. Maybe find a “Disabled Sidecar” association, or something like that, and then see if I can score a free ride in my city. I wonder what the height/weight requirements are for sidecars anyways?

I like the vintage WWII motorcycle/sidecar combos the best. There’s this romantic allure to them whenever I see one (and it’s rare, let me say). I fantasize about some hot, young officer picking me up out of my chair, setting me in his sidecar (and giving me his helmet to wear) and us riding off into the sunset somewhere. No destination in mind, just driving, wind blowing in our faces, the smell of burning gasoline, and me chilling in the sidecar like a pea in a pod.

Maybe one day this dream will become a reality. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  1. You bikerchick!!
    Talk to these guys: http://www.sidecar.com/

  2. My boyfriend used to have a few street bikes and dirt bikes, now he’s older and out of loop. Anyway, we had talked about him getting a bike and me a sidecar. The idea seemed awesome, but I worry about tipping and balance and turns … Anyhow, this past weekend we went to a motorcycle show and I got to see a trike up close and personal – that is AWESOME and totally quad chic rideable. You get a seat on the back, arm rests, legs gards and a kickass view! Not to mention, the trailers for the bikes are also awesome for powerchair and manual chair users alike – just roll up the back ramp! You can also hook up a small trailer and bring the chair along.

  3. Er, I meant hook the trailer, for the wheelchair only, to the trike.

  4. you are soo funny!

  5. miki, that trike sounds so cool. go for it…then take pics and send them to me so i can put them on my blog! 🙂

  6. thx for the link, stef 🙂

  7. To make the vintage sidecar picture complete, you need goggles and a long white scarf. That would be adorable!

  8. Rideing a sidecar is entirely feasable. I’m c4/5 can’t transfer, but have done over 30,000km in the last 5 years in my trikes and sidecars. My sidecar has all adapted controls for the motorbike (scooter actually) in the sidecar, i simply wheel my chair in, lock myself down, and i’m off. 30 sec max. top speed about 90km/hr and the sense of freedom, priceless!

  9. brett, that sounds awesome. so u can steer the cycle from your sidecar? interesting…

  10. I have MS and rode a motorcycle with a sidecar up until 2002. I was in a manual wheelchair so my friends would just sit me on the motorcycle (it was an automatic so there was no shifting and the brakes were by my hands) and breakdown my chair and put it in the sidecar. They were like a pit crew!

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