Get a Second Chance at Life (sort of)

Welcome to the world of Seond Life! The virtual reality where you can walk (OMG…ha), look like Elisha Cuthbert, have a wang as big as John Holmes, and be popular as Ru Paul in a Gay Pride parade. Yes folks, your Second Life is just a click away. Gitrdone.

– Tiff

  1. OMG, Tiff said Git-R-Done!

  2. yeah thats funny Sharon, coming from Tiff, i want my wang to be huge only in the virtual world though:)

  3. thats right i said it! 🙂

    *that in no way endorses the LOSER that is larry the i-can’t-pay-my-cable cable guy*


  4. (big sigh of RELIEF) Ok. good. ;*)

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