What’s In Your Wheelchair?

Admit it. We’ve all done it. After transferring into bed at night, you realize you’ve been rolling around all day with some embarrassingly bizarre object that has somehow  attached itself/instered itself into your chair.

It’s fess-up time, people. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found on your wheelchair, that either you unknowingly, or someone else, put there?

Here’s my list:

– Makeup pencil sharpener that hitched a ride on my footrests all day.

– Makeup brush that managed to fall alongside my ass on my seat cushion.

That’s where that went?!

– Beach sand from Sanibel Island in FLORIDA that was still in my wheelwell, discovered after I had been back at home in MN for 6 mos.

– French fries, popcorn, and other tasty food (no, I’m not saving it for later).

Your turn!

– Tiff

  1. My TV remote was on my footrest all afternoon one day and I went out and took the bus , went to school , went swimming . All before I found my remote control .

    On another note that kinda fits as a wheelchair user I hate hate hate when you drop food and you can’t find it after .

  2. I’ve lost lots of stuff in my chair, i hate the food/crumbs thing, the funniest thing was in 1998 sum grass fell between my legs, told them i was out in the wind near a lawnmower-lol

  3. lol desiree! isnt it amazing that you didnt lose it? that kind of stuff happens to me all the time.

  4. what kind of “grass” do you speak of, abe? 🙂

  5. it was sum hooch, ya know the peace pipe kind, its a religous right i grew up 8 miles from the ressevation Souix Tribe-lol

  6. well, since i transfer getting into my car, i can usually catch things before they become exposed to the general public! the list, to my recollection:

    panties, dirty
    cell phone
    mary jane bowl

    i know there’s more, just can’t think of them right now!

  7. My crotch tends to attract whatever crumbs or leftovers have been in my hands that day. Be it food, paper, pencils, pens … I’ve found earrings there. When I was in high school my sister and cousin used to shove all sorts of things behind me in stores – some so I looked ridiciulous – some I never knew about until later. Apparently, my chair served as a great place for 5 finger discounts. I was not so happy to find that one out! They were less than impressed when they had to go back in and return the items.

  8. yeah I’ve caught stow-away bras and panties on more than one occasion when I transferred into my car…..I’ve also started probably a dozen panic searches for my keys when I was sitting on them the whole time.

    Great post! LOL!

  9. dirty panties sharon? lol thats AWESOME

  10. miki, thats awful they used you for that.

  11. I went to the bank the other day with a dryer sheet caught up in my anti tip wheel. It looked like I was dragin around freaking toilet paper. God how embarrassing. I felt like a real tard after I got home and noticed it.

  12. Also on the five finger discount note, not that I’ve ever used my chair to conceal stolen merchandise; I have however used it to sneak in bottles of wine, Jack Daniels, or an occasional beer into concerts, over priced bars, and ball games.

  13. aaah yes. ive done the booze-sneaking too.

    ps. glad u found my blog!

  14. dental floss wound around the right front caster

    and the dirty underwear…luckily I had been sitting on it instead of trailing it behind

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