Wheelchair Accessible Saunas

Do they even exist? Anyone know?


We all should have an equal opportunity for some hot sauna love.

Oh yeah. I want me some cedar-scented tryst. Now.

– Tiff

  1. Tiff, here in Slovenia the 90% of the sauna centers are wheelchair friendly… And they are just fantastic… http://www.zdravilisce-lasko.si/eng/sprostitev_savna.php – this one is my favourite… and this one http://www.lifeclass.net/en/sauna_park is only 5 km away from my place…. You should come for a visit 🙂
    PS: always remember to use a manual chair for the saunas… powerchairs don’t like them…

  2. oooh looks lovely. how often do you go?

  3. Once or twice a month… Like it but can’t go where is too hot…

  4. where its too hot?

    so whats the protocol for wheelchair-users at saunas? do u go in naked, but in your chair? why cant powerchairs go in? will they rust?

  5. Because of some breathing problems I can’t go where the temperature is above 70°C… I go in wraped in a towel and on my manual chair then in the sauna my bf transfer me on the resting beds or chairs… Powerchairs don’t like the high level of humidity and heat… It can damage the chair’s electronics…. so I was told…

  6. over 70c? isnt that like a million degreees F?

  7. I think about this every Monday when I go swimming. I get out of the pool, freezing my ass off, and pass the sauna on the way to my locker, and think how awesome it would feel in there, if I could only fit in the door! Otherwise saunas kind of creep me out, I always had this (irrational) fear that the door would stick shut.

  8. dynah, me too. that WOULD be an awful way to die. i think i might have seen that on a “tales from the darkside” episode. no wait, that was the cabin/hot tub episode with cannibals.

  9. We had one at my undergrad (Wright State) and it held bout half a dozen wheelers. I always got dressed in there after my suuuuper early morning workout…I had this weird fear that I’d be trapped in there and roast to death but obviously it didn’t haunt me too bad cuz the warm coals lured me in every time!

  10. I stay as far away from saunas as possible! There’s one at the pool in the building I live in and I pass it every time I go swimming. It’s not a very good place to go when you can’t sweat!

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