Return of the Pimping Out of My Podcasts

You may or may not be aware, but I host a ONE OF A KIND weekly podcast for women with disabilities called No Free Rides (called this, because don’t you as well get sick of random strangers asking you for free rides?).

The smart kids over at host my podcast, and I love them for it. Each week I bring on fascinating guests with disabilities from all across the nation. Sure, a lot of the discussion is on girly stuff and being disabled, but there’s multigendered interest discussions too. Elio (a wheelchair-user), his wife, and the rest of the staff created Xable a couple of years ago. They had some of the most extensive Paralympic coverage available anywhere this past September, for example. Xable rules!

Check out my latest podcast that just went up. Last Friday, I interviewed Tiffany G., a paraplegic from Ft. Myers, Florida, who will be moving to Hollywood in 2009 to achieve her dream of becoming a movie actress. How does she plan on doing it? How did she go about finding an agent? And does she think her chances are that great? Listen to No Free Rides podcast #36 to find out now!

– Tiff

  1. Great podcasts Tiff, Even good info for guys sumtimes. Related to the recent one, there a man on tv. thats a Nascar crew cheif he goes by Booty Barker, uses a manual chair, thats kinda cool to see how he is just another one of the guys.

  2. You have such a good podcast. It’s varied, sincere, well thought out – all that jazz – but, I hardly ever see any comments. The shows have so many topics that are surely interesting to a lot of people. I hope you’re getting the feedback you deserve.
    As a another guy, they’re not always 100% relevant to me, but they’re fun and I like having ’em in my podcast pool. Thanks for taking the time each week.

  3. thanks you two. cupcakes w/ sprinkles for you both! 🙂

  4. Oh my god, I have a lot of catching up to do! I used to listen religiously but then I didn’t see a new one for a few weeks so I stopped looking. Can you/xable set it up so people can subscribe through iTunes? I have no idea what this entails but it’s how I stay up to date on all my other podcasts, and it would be really handy.

    I’m glad you’re pimping it again 🙂

  5. hey dynah,

    yeah my producer just RECENTLY started posting them on a more frequent basis. i’ll see if they can set-up the show on itunes. i know it’d be great for marketing anyways 🙂

  6. That reminds me, whats happening with

  7. hey kath,

    glad to see you’re so excited for it! there’s a lot of work into launching a new non-profit. look for it in late jan ’09.


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