All Day Lipgloss?

On a whim last week I bought a tube of Maybelline’s Super Stay gloss (in a pretty pink tone to break-up the winter blahs).

I’ll admit I doubted it’s ability to really stay. “Gloss? Really? All day?” But I’m here to announce to the interwebz that yes indeedio, this stuff really works.

Tip: Apply it as evenly as possible. It can easily shift over your lip line before drying all the way, and will look totally ridiculous (and it’s not easy to fix/wipe off). So be careful.

And yes, it does cost a few more dollars than your average lipgloss, but the fact that it stays on a helluva lot longer is worth it. And do I really have to mention again that lip color that doesn’t need to be reapplied all day is a good thing for women like us?

– Tiff

PS. Is Maybelline paying me to pimp-out their products yet? *echo*


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