Custom Battlebot wheelchairs OMG

What’s a engineer with mad skills supposed to do after his stint on Robot Wars ends (and the rest of the year when he’s not working on his insane fire sculptures for Burning Man)?

I know! CREATE BATTLEBOT WHEELCHAIRS. And that’s exactly what Lance “aka Blaster” Greathouse did, from making a fire-spurting gun wheelchair to designing a beautiful gothic chair. His wheelchairs make being unable to walk look cool.
And I gotta say, no lie, this is the most amazing line of fantastical wheelchairs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been writing about custom wheelchairs for years (years!). Here’s a taste of some of the Battlebot-esque wheelchairs from the MIND of Lance Greathouse: 


  • Fighter F-4 Jet ejection chair
  • NASCAR chair
  • Dr. Evil chair with rear video and stereo system (OMG!)
  • Lord Humongous most powerful chair with flamethrower
  • B-52 Bomber chair, w/ spinning turret and simulated working 50 Cal machine guns
  • Chairs with tank tracks
  • And in the works: A Queens Throne chair and Barbie chair (double WANT!)

Lance is obviously making the most out of his workspace down in Phoenix. <3 And now, the BEST part: He’s ready to not only share his designs with the world, he’s offering up his services & is ready to create the wheelchair of YOUR dreams.

Whether you are a person with a disability (or just a lazy millionaire), Lance will work with you. And he can even use your pre-existing chair and add to it. I don’t know about you, but I’m craving chrome add-ons and some sweet spinning rims for my chair like a crack-fiend!

Visit Lance’s official site: Greathouse Labs 

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  2. And after talking with Lance on the phone, a possible wheelchair BATTLEBOT show is in the works….possibly. SWEET!

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