10/4/10: No Free Rides, episode #69 – Ms. Wheelchair America 2011

Ooooh-wee. I’m excited about this one. In episode #69 of our podcast No Free Rides, I interview the brand new Ms. Wheelchair America 2011 Alexandra McArthur. You will be enamoured with this effervescent 22 year from from North Carolina, who’s new to using a wheelchair.

Also, listen to my gab session on the latest developments in the battle over federally-funded embryonic stem cell research, the importance of lines and how they make all the difference in seated fashion, and more on my adapted yoga practice (taught by adapted yoga pioneer Matthew Sanford), and how it’s giving me more fluidity in my body after 17 years of paralysis. Click here to listen, or in the player below.


Learn more on this amazing pageant @ Ms. Wheelchair America

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