10/22/2010: Wheelchair tennis star poses nude on cover of ESPN magazine’s Body Issue

Dutch wheelchair tennis athlete Esther Vergeer, 29, has been chosen to grace the cover of ESPN magazine’s 2010 Body Issue. She’s the first woman in a wheelchair to be featured in the magazine’s anticipated issue (which photographs athletes at the top of their game in artfully nude poses). Read more.

– Tiffiny, the fashionista paralyzed blogger  (bio)

  1. The cover (as well as the six others used) is being offered as a poster on the magazine’s web site — $44.95 unframed or $74.95 framed. I’m not sure how the seven different covers are being split between newstand sales and subscription issues — sometimes subscribers will get a different cover.

  2. Thank you ESPN,

    I think it is fabulous that ESPN is acknowledging Esther as a superior athlete and a beautiful woman.
    The fact she uses a wheelchair for mobility is secondary.


    Another Para

  3. WOW,
    I am not an internet user and and old school guy sports wise; but where is the story or the .link to this young womens past? WTF

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