Wheelchair travel tips you can’t won’t find anywhere else

When I flew in a plane the first time as a wheelchair-user 5 years after my accident, I was so nervous. I didn’t want it to be a hassle, or rather “be” the hassle. I was hoping and praying it’d be quick and seamless.

It’s really too bad this video wasn’t available, showing how a wheelchair-user boards a plane (no you don’t stay in your chair. FAA regulations), when I was freaking in my early days. Had I seen this video, it would’ve calmed almost all of my nerves for sure.

And this video is loaded with wheelchair travel secret after another wheelchair travel secret; shared by seasoned traveler himself, Mark Schmidt, paraplegic and Vice President of EasyStand. What I love about this video is how he shares his tricks of the trade that you usually only figure out yourself.

In his video, you’ll learn about eight solid tips that I absolutely guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. My favorite is his trick in getting a free rental car upgrade. He also shows the process of checking-in (how early you should show up), going through security, arriving at the terminal, fanagling seat upgrades and more. There’s A LOT of tips here, so definitely make sure to take a look if you use a wheelchair.

Watch the videos on SPINALpedia.com

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