Podcast 90: Rob Hodge – Paraplegic chef, dad and one cool dude

In podcast 90, Tiffiny is joined by Robert Hodge, paraplegic and head chef at Ambrosia Fine Dining and Nectar Lounge in Pennsylvania. Rob broke his back 10 years ago, and he’s refused to be shut out of the cooking world.

They talk about the opportunity he had in rehab that would put him back into the cooking world, being a dad to a young child as a new paraplegic and his favorite things to cook in the whole world – soups, stocks and marinades.

Tiffiny also talks about reading and going back and forth on getting a Nook, condescending old ladies and how to respond to them and inaccessible parties and if going is a bad idea after all.

Wheelchair is no obstacle for this working chefDaily American

– Rob profiled by the National SCI Association – Chefs on Wheels

Show run time is 39 minutes. No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand

  1. Rob you are a true inspiration!!!!!!

  2. agreed!

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