On the hunt for a new EZ Lock mount

Sometimes having a blog has a few benefits, and this is one of them.  I’m using my blog to to send a question to the masses today, regarding EZ lock mounts for power wheelchairs.

I’m so excited. After 7 years, I’m finally getting a new wheelchair; Upgrading from a TDX 3 to a TDX SP (Invacare powerchairs).  However, I just found out that the EZ Lock mount on the my chair (that locks me into the floor of my van when I drive, enabling me to drive for my wheelchair), cannot be transferred onto my new wheelchair.  Of course it can’t be transferred :/

You know what this means of course: I have to buy a completely new mount, and oh yeah, it’ll cost four times the amount it did 7 years ago. Oh man, to being disabled can be so ridiculously expensive. To

If anyone out there happens to have a EZ-Lock mount for a TDX SP powerchair lying around, shoot me a message.  I would love to meet someone who knows a bit more about this than myself.

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