Make it burn (oh yeahhh)

Bally’s, the YMCA, Lifetime Fitness, getting a good workout if you have a spinal cord injury isn’t always the easiest thing. Sure, when you first get injured you get access to a physical therapy gym, but once you’re discharged, where then?

This has always then a pickle for spinal cord injured people. Watch these videos showing how you can still get a great workout, whether at home or by using simple modifications on machines at the standard gym.

In the first video, we’re sharing what is possibly one of the BEST exercise machines to be developed for wheelchair-users (and has been getting quite the buzz) – the Wheeler’s Paramill.

Sure, it costs a cool $4 k, but it can transform your exercise experience if pushing your chair long distances is how you get cardio. And it’s been making the rounds at the Abilities Expo this year (a great place to try it out). Read this entry

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