Show Off The Shoulders

Cody Unser at a Christopher Reeve Foundation event.One of the best ways to look hella sexy from that wheelchair of yours is to bare your shoulders. Yup, that’s right…I’m talking about those slinky and sometimes sexy, off-the-shoulder tops. They’re great for holiday occasions, nighttime events, and of course, summertime.

We sometimes need a fresh viewpoint when deciding what areas of our bodies to accentuate from our chairs. It’s not easy. Lucky for you, I’m here to be that person for you.

While we sit, our chest, shoulders, and face are the first thing that catch people’s eyes. Knowing that, bare shoulders (and wearing your hair in a casual up-do along with the top) is a freakin’ great way to show the world that you still got it. You can’t show off the booty, you can’t strut like a supermodel, but you still CAN bare your shoulders and show some skin.

So go ahead and do it….bring out your inner sex-kitten!

– Tiff

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