Be a Naughty Monkey

It’s no secret us wheely-ladies have issues with our feet swelling by the end of the day, which have therefore caused many of us to give up our passion for sexy shoes and donate our beloved shoe collections, post-injury, to friends, or even worse, complete strangers (the horror!)

Well…not so quick, my chicas. Naughty Monkey Shoes may be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

These sexy shoes run wider than your average, annoyingly narrow heel, enabling us to buy the trendiest shoes of the moment, that still fit good by the end of the day. Sweetness!

Here’s a tre lovely cornucopia of Naughty Monkey Shoes.

– Tiff

PS. Naughty Monkey unfortunately does not have their own site.

PPS. Stick with shorter heels that also have a strap over the foot, so they’ll not only be unable to fall off your foot with ease everytime you cross your legs, but the shorter, wider heel will fit better on your foot plate/rest.

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  1. so cute, but i bet they don’t come in kids sizes! lol!

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