Cropped Jackets Really Are The Shiz

Well people, I finally took my own advice and bought a cropped jacket at Target last week. Mine was a different version than the one shown here (couldn’t find it on their site to show you), but the cut is pretty much exactly the same as the one I’m featuring (Mossimo Black Cropped Jacket – Chestnut, for $13.99).

After looking for over 15 years as a wheelchair-user, and as a jacket expert who I lives in a cold climate (winters that last from Oct – April), I’ve looked long and hard, and yes, the cropped jacket is BY FAR the best design for wheelchair-users. I finally found the holy grail of jackets! omgz!

It may not be as warm (because your lower waist isn’t covered), but if you wear an extra long top underneath, it really doesn’t matter. Now, the reason cropped jackets work SO great for the following reasons:

– The cropped waist requires less fabric to make the jacket, and as a result, stops the jacket from bunching up behind your back. For many people in chairs, their balance is wobbly. And fabric bunching up behind you can totally make your balance even worse (except for you lucky lower paras out there. Bitches ;).

– And see the cropped sleeves (also known as 3/4 length)? Well with these shorter sleeves, it makes it AMAZINGLY easier to put on. Coming from a C6 quad (hello no triceps), this is a huge deal. And for people who push themselves, cropped sleeves will never get caught in your wheels or get dirtied by them.

So there you have it. Now you know that cropped jackets are your best option. So what are you waiting for?? Go out and buy one!!

– Tiff

  1. Another great jacket for us chair girls is a leather cafe racer motorcycle jacket. I found an old one at a vintage store here, its one of my favorites now
    (it makes my boobs look great with a tight t shirt!)

  2. Totally with ya on cropped jackets Tiff! Good buy!

  3. Hi, being 100% linen, doesn’t it DEMAND ironing all the time? I had linen pants once that were very comfortable but always looked a twisted, wrinkled mess.

    Thanks for an awesome web site–just discovered it!

  4. I completely agree. For years I avoided the cropped jackets, because I’m full figured and thought they would look stupid. Deb Stores came out with plus size and they look great and are inexpensive to boot.

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