10/15/2010: World’s first wheelchair accessible wedding dresses

If you’re a bride who uses a wheelchair and have been stressing about how you’re going to look on your wedding day, look no further. No crazy alterations will be needed with these classic gowns. Ranging from $179 – $295, they make the people on Say Yes to the Dress look like robbers.

Izzy Camilleri, one of Canada’s most famous fashion designers who’s created dresses for celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie, is the designer behind this line IZ Adaptive Bridal, the world’s first-ever wheelchair accessible wedding dresses. Sometimes a designer needs a non-mainstream challenge, and lucky for us (after being inspired after meeting a quad who needed a custom leather jacket made), Izzy has decided to bless us with her mad skills.

Her “adapted” wedding dresses were drafted using a seated form to ensure the dress fits the curves of a seated body like a glove. From removing the entirety of the bulk from the front of the dress to adding elastic detail in the back to give more flexibility, her two dresses – the Bubble Hemline Satin and Lace Wedding Gown and the Scoop Neck Sleeveless Long Dress with Pendant – will blow your mind.

Izzy is debuting other exciting garments this Fall as well. Evening wear dresses are a new addition to her line of adapted clothing (which I’ve talked about previously here), featuring colorful versions of her wedding dresses with optional boleros (check them out here). She’s also selling super cute wool coats and wraps this season.

And what’s really exciting – an entire line of adapted clothing for MEN (this was sorely needed) is also being debuted by Izzy. Jackets/coats, pants, tops, and robes are now available for the guys, including an accessible biker jacket. Check out the Men’s line here, and become a leather-clad rolling badass.

For more fashion goodness, visit Izzy’s sites (she has both a mainstream and adapted site): Izzy Camilleri and IZ Adaptive

  1. This is incredible! I just recently got engaged and I have been wondering how I’d go about trying on dresses after dresses.. I would love to know more if I could and find out where I can purchase one of these dresses for my wedding?

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