The flyest jacket every wheelchair guy needs

Can’t walk? You don’t have to sacrifice style. This revolutionary men’s suit jacket from IZ Adaptive is designed for wheelchair-users, helping you channel your inner Rat Pack like nothing else.

Short enough in the back so you can sit comfortably, yet  long enough on the sides so you still have that sleek suit-jacket look (even when seated), this jacket will be the envy of every stylish guy you know. I love how its drafted from the begining of the design process to fit a seated frame, never a standing one, so you can be sure it’ll look good on you no matter what. Now where else can you get a guarantee like that? From Sears, from Men’s Warehouse? That’s what I thought.

It comes in Black, Grey, Shale and Navy and costs $265. To learn more, visit Izzy Camilleri Adaptable Clothing

  1. Not very many wheelchair users are able to spend $265 on a jacket….do you make anything less pricey?

    1. Its a lot….but yeah, check out for better prices (maybe).

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