9/30/11: Much love for “I Love…”

One of the most beloved body product lines in the UK is finally coming to the US, and even better, they will be available at Walmart.

I Love Cosmetics sells an orgasmic selection of yummy scented body lotions and potions (can’t forget the lip balms) that I’ve been oogling for years. With scents like “Blueberry & Smoothie,” “Coconut & Cream,” “Strawberries & Milkshake” and “Vanilla & Ice Cream” it’s hard not to want to take a sniff, cop a feel and see just how great this stuff really is.

Well, I’m happy to report their products are as yummy in-person as they look online. I bought the “Mango & Papaya” Body Butter from I Love… and it is just as good as the body butter you’d get from The Body Shop (just a hell of a lot cheaper). I’m SO excited all of their products are going to be available at Walmart and Walgreen’s!

Looking to get inspired? Shop I Love… and fall in love now

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