Cheap hair accessories from Forever 21

While shopping for hair accessories for my little nieces the other day, I was directed to Forever 21 by an employee at the Baby Gap (“Leave and go down to Forever 21 instead!”), to their current selection of amazingly cute barrettes (several have silk flowers glued to them, which was what I was looking for).

While it was really odd to be given this advice in such a manner, I was seriously grateful for the tip. Not only did I score four barrettes all at $1.50/piece, I was able to find myself a few goodies as well.  My best find of the day – this black and white polka dot stretchy headband (with bow), also only $1.50. Cute, right?

Check out Forever 21’s hair accessories here

  1. cute!! I got a bunch there at that price too

  2. w00t! love a good shopping score

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